Be the best of you-- love & confident

Dream of a designer --- Yolanda
She spent her happy childhood in a village of nature. At the age of 3, she doodled on the walls of her room to illustrate her dream world.At the age of 9, she won the first place award for painting in a competition in her city. Artistic design was an important part of her childhood. Yolanda would like to spend her spare time in nature, where she can find abundant of ideas for her fashion designs. In 2012, she became a mother of a baby girl. Although she became very busy in taking care of the baby, she always dressed herself as nicely as before. She always believes a beautiful mind makes a wonderful life.
Yolanda's daughter reminded her the childhood time when her mother designed jewelries for her. Now, she started to sketch the jewelries for her daughter. Designing lovely and beautiful jewelries for her kid is what she considered as one of the most wonderful things that she can do for her daughter. She also designed for herself, as well as her friends and her costumers. Her exceptional artwork always amazes them.
Because of love, Yolanda enjoys her life, with a beautiful mind. In 2014, she established Relaxfeel. She believes love can deliver a positive and elegant of lifestyle through jewelries. She wishes every woman enjoys their every day from a girl to a mother. Yolanda is making her dream come true by delivering love and elegant lifestyle through internet. She is creating a better life for women, a small world full of love.


About Us

Relaxfeel, focus in jewelries & fashion products, is a famous brand in HONGKONG. Relaxfeel let people in the world unique and only be yourself. No matter you are in the downtown of the city or in the country field, you can just be yourself and make your own with a wonderful and comfortable feeling.

Be yourself, be the one you really love to be. The young designers from Relaxfeel come from many different countries in the world, work hard with a view to let you to be the most natural, stylish and distinctive. These fashion products are of high-quality and cost-effective, including rings, earrings, necklaces and accessories.